Angel Ruiz-Bates

Hello, I'm Angel.

I am a software engineer based in Tucson, AZ.

I am a co-creator and software engineer of Dendro — an open-source, serverless monitoring framework for small, distributed applications.

More about me

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Dendro is an open-source, serverless monitoring framework for small, distributed applications.

Dendro is a time-series native log centralization pipeline built on AWS using their NoSQL Timestream database. Observability in distributed systems is painful. We aim to mitigate that. Dendro automates the deployment of an entire ETL log pipeline to the cloud in seconds and hooks up your existing distributed system to it with just a few clicks.

You can try it out here.

// Recent Project


BridgeAPI's goal is to provide an intuitive tool to receive, filter, and forward API requests to connect incompatible RESTful APIs and automate workflows.

Current options for developers usually require subscribing to bloated services and granting intrusive permissions to connect apps. With BridgeAPI, simply define your desired workflow and direct your vendor webhooks or API calls towards your provided BridgeAPI endpoint.

Try it out here.

// Other projects

Bates Ecommerce

Ecommerce platform written in Node and with React, Redux, Express, PostgreSQL, and Amazon Web Services. Allows merchants to create a personal store & provides an interface for Stripe's onboarding process. Merchants are easily able to list and manage their store's products for sale, as well as perform basic administrative abilities.


Virtual Waiter

An iPhone and Android mobile app written in React Native and Expo with a Ruby on Rails backend. Virtual waiter allows mobile users to view a dynamic array of restaurants and their menus, select their order from that restaurant, and send it off to the backend to be persisted.

Airline Routes

A React web application that displays information on routes flown by major airlines. It includes a clickable map to filter routes, which is written with React and uses flat mapping to render over 1,700 SVG elements fast & efficiently.


A React with Redux application that manages tickets by tracking issues and changes. A Trello clone that enables teams to communicate more efficiently and therefore be more productive.